CNAQ Falcons Rugby team was established in the year 2008 by Asad Ali, a young enthusiastic athlete. Since then it has made great improvement, from playing in an internally organized 7’s Rugby best out of 5 tournaments to playing in the domestic 15’s league. It has seen many ups and downs during its time; from having players, coaches and managers to complete dismissal of the team. But 1 thing had remained, the spirit of the players with which they reunited the team against all odds. It has been trained by many coached of different level of experience, age groups and nationalities such as new Zealand, Canadian, Pakistani and currently by a welsh coach. It also has had different age groups of players starting from 16 year old up to 55 year old players.

Primarily it is a college team constituting mainly of college students and graduates but by time as the team grew it became recognized and found interest from non-student community. The college team is a multi-cultural team; players come from different nationalities and backgrounds such as Pakistanis, Egyptians, Americans, English, South Africans, Algerians, Sudanese, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malaysians and Colombians. This is a team that embodies the true spirit of rugby, again for everyone regardless of size, creed or color.