Al Dhalai elected ARF president

Asia Rugby Secretary General Qais Abdulla Al Dhalai was unanimously elected as Arab Rugby Federation (ARF) President for another another term till 2020.

Moroccan Royal Federation of Rugby Chairman Tahar Boujouala and the Chairman of the Tunisian Federation of Rugby, Aref Belkhiria are the two vice-presidents along with three Executive Committee members from Qatar, Lebanon and Algeria and two female members from Tunisia and Morocco are also included.

“It was an honour to be elected President. I’m delighted the ARF General Assembly appointed two female members,” said Al Dhalai.

The ARF is comprised of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

“The Ex-Co will be held in Cairo in late December to finalise the budget and 2017 calendar which will include a women’s sevens tournament for the first time,” added Al Dhalai.

The ARF, a member of the Union of the Arab National Olympic Committee (UANOC), was established as a developmental body to spread the sport across the Arabic-speaking nations.

The federation also acts as a ‘competency window’ for countries like Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and Palestine that are still in their early stages of developing the sport.