Qatar Camels' road to victory

The Qatar Camels started the 2016 Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens in fine form winning both their matches at the Sevens Stadium on the first day of the 3 day tournament.

Qatar Camels continued their winning streak on the 2nd day winning their only match against old rivals UAE. The victory elevated the Qatar Camels to the top of the competition ladder of group D putting them in the Quarter Finals.

On the last day, Qatar Camels opened up the winning account by accounting for Essex Blades once again thrusting the Camels into the semi finals.

Playing on Pitch 4, under extreme heat – the Camels didn’t seem to mind as they blocked out their South African challengers the All Stars. The win was the 5th straight victory for the Camels giving them a finals birth.

In front of a capacity crowd and still battling thirst and the scorching heat the Qatar Camels were emphatically unbeatable as they out wrestled another physical South African club the Titan Academy.

The Titans provided the best competition for Qatar but the raw talent of the Qatar Camels proved to be too good, too fast, too strong and too much.

Day 1

Qatar bt Essex Blades      21-5

Tries: Biumaiwai, Beracibi, Tikoilepanoni

Goals: Rakabu 3

MoM: Biumaiwai

Qatar bt Middle Eastern Cougars   40-0

Tries: Beracibi 2, Hassan, Biumaiwai 2, Rakabu

Goals: Rakabu 5

MoM: Beracibi

Day 2

Qatar bt UAE     41-0

Tries: Beracibi, Biumaiwai, Sareki, Rakabu, Al Mutawaa, Al Abdulla, Al Muhannadi

Goals: Rakabu 3

Mom: Sareki

Day 3


Qatar bt Essex Blades      21-12  

Tries: Sareki 2, Biumaiwai

Goals: Rakabu 3

MoM: Sareki


Qatar bt All Stars      47-14

Tries: Tikoilepanoni 2, Beracibi, Sareki 2, Al Mutawaa, Sandi

Goals: Rakabu 6

Mom: Tikoilepanoni


Qatar bt Titans Academy 24-14

Try: Rakabu2, Beracibi, Biumaiwai

Goals: Rakabu 2

MoM: Rakabu


1. Beracibi: 6 (30 points)  & Biumaiwai: 6 (30points)

2. Sareki: 5 (25points)

3. Rakabu: 4 (20 points)


Rakabu: 22 (44points)


1.Rakabu: 64 points

2. Beracibi: 30 points

3. Biumaiwai: 30points

4. Sareki: 25points