Qatar Rugby continues to make solid progress on our strategic plan, with a strong focus throughout 2015/16 to make the game more sustainable. Though Qatar Rugby is up against very stiff other winter sports competitions and entertainment we still managed to register a great end to 2016.

Qatar Rugby Federation was instrumental in creating the Qatar Camels a composite team of mostly Qatari locals with a handful of expats. The Qatar Camels made their debut at the Dubai Seven’s and impressively advanced to the quarter - finals of the International Men’s Division. This was followed by an historic finals victory in Doha over the Lions at the inaugural 2015 Qatar National Day Rugby 7’s tournament. This tournament was a huge success and exceeded all expectations.

Following the success at the Dubai Sevens and the National Day Rugby 7’s, we have decided to launch the first ever Qatar Rugby 7’s League –which spans over eight weeks and includes preliminary rounds and a finals series.

The eight teams will play against each other for the right to call themselves Qatar’s 2016 Rugby 7’s Champion team. This initiative has been brought about by the commitment of our registered clubs in Qatar and the Qatar Rugby Federation. The new annual competition will act as a bridge between senior domestic and national representation. It will also provide an incentive for all clubs in Doha to win the championship and further engage new players, supporters, volunteers and sponsors.

2016 promises to be the biggest year for Qatar Rugby with more local and international games, including hosting the 7’s championship league, beach rugby and the West Asian nations XV’s. The domestic competition will feature international players assisting in player development and requiring a greater level of skill.

QRF continues to focus on increasing participation particularly among junior boys and girls. QRF encourages club/teams/player collaboration across all levels of Rugby. We are using touch and tag now and will introduce the VIVA7’s a non contact version of 7s. Other countries like Australia have used it with success to help increase its player count.

There is a strong push towards grass roots rugby and we have developed a new user friendly website which makes it easier for new players to register and be part of the game.

In the coming years Qatar Rugby hopes to rival the best of the best and further improve the quality of Rugby in Qatar.

I would like to end with a special thank you to all those who have been a part of Qatar rugby from its early days back in 1974 to its current modern formation. The managers, players, coaches, officials, ball boys, cheer leaders and volunteers thank you for your significant contribution and for making Qatar Rugby what it is today. In addition, our gratitude goes out to QRF’s current partners, QNOC, Aspire Zone and Waqod,

Yousef Al Kuwari